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Kolizz-Art Digital wallcoverings will transform your ordinary walls into extraordinary works of art.

Discover Kolizz-Art Digital wallcovering solutions that are engineered for durability, aesthetic appeal and impact.
Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, Kolizz-Art Digital wallcoverings make it easier than ever to create artistic interior environments.

Choose from a wide selection of designs to stimulate the senses, enhance your message and make a lasting impression! Besides many graphic designs, the digital printed collection contains very high-classed pictures. The murals are printed on a heavy quality non-woven foundation which is very easy to paste and guarantees a lovely final result. Due to the heavy quality of Kolizz-Art Digital wallcoverings, it is suitable for application in living rooms, bedrooms, and any other living areas of the house.
Kolizz-Art Digital wallcoverings meet the highest standards of washability and fire-retardancy, which makes them highly suitable for use in hotels, offices and other business environments as well.

Kolizz-Art Digital wallcovering collections offer you standard measurements.
However if these sizes do not suit your needs, we are able to print the size you require, with only small additional costs.

The breakthrough in wallcovering printing is the Kolizz-Art Digi collection for exclusive murals printed on a silver, gold or pearl white non-woven support.
The collection Digi counts 78 different designs.