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Introducing exclusive wallcoverings

The time for modesty has passed. Exhibit your wealth and live in luxury!

Who we are

The time for modesty has passed. Exhibit your wealth and live in luxury! World famous fashion brands have already discovered this for some time. Now you can have the same feeling in your interior decorating by using the high-end and classy wallcoverings developed and produced by Kolizz-art.

The wallcovering brand Kolizz-art has launched seven rich and wealthy wallcovering collections, “Exquisite”, “Artisan”, “Brilliance”, “Venita”, "Sentiant Pure", "Royal Palace" and "Lucerna". These high-end wallpaper collections are produced with special hot embossing technology. The basis of this technology is a solid non-woven with long fibers, which makes these wallcoverings very strong. The top is provided with a special Acrylic surface layer. This layer is to transform by using heath, which will be done during the hot embossing process on the hand crafted cylinders. Pearl pigments and mica’s with a brocade appearance give this wallcovering the characteristic aura. Organic materials guarantee brightness and are environmentally friendly. Differently, "Sentiant Pure", "Royal Palace" and "Lucerna" are fine textile wallcovering collections.

The pallet of all collections is classy and rich. By using gold, silver, bronze and other shimmer-effects, the wallpaper gets a high class impress. Also the colors such champagne and white make these very special and complete collections.

In short, these are rich collections filled with unexpected conversions that are done justice in a rich classical interior, as well as in a modern environment.

Application and user-friendliness

Kolizz-Art Wallcoverings are produced on a heavy quality non-woven foundation which is very easy to paste and guarantees a perfect final result. Due to the heavy quality of our wallcoverings, it is suitable for application in living rooms, bedrooms, and any other living areas of the house.
The width of the wallpaper is 70 cm and can be ordered by the meter.

Professional applications

These wallpapers meet the highest standards of washability and fire-retardancy, which makes the collections highly suitable for use in hotels, offices and other business environments as well.